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Camp Bay, Roatan, Honduras


Got a call last week to shoot a story for The Washington Times on Calfee Park, the 9th oldest professional minor league baseball stadium still currently operating.

Below: Incoming owner David Hagan, left, stands with outgoing owner, Wayne Carpenter, in front of the original entrance to Calfee Park. Hagan and a business partner, Larry Shelor, purchased the park from Carpenter and his business partners, Tom Compton and Rick Mansell, who had operated the park for 25 years. The original entrance to the stadium dates back to 1935, when the park first opened as the Pulaski Athletic Field and was used primarily as a football stadium.



One of the dugouts at Calfee Field in Pulaski, VA, originally opened in 1935. A view of North Washington Avenue in Pulaski, Virginia.

San Francisco Elementary school, La Fortuna, Costa Rica


Costa Rica until August

Enjoying the Pura Vida life!




Virginia Tech vs. Maryland baseball



Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity

The Virginia Tech cheerleaders perform at the opening ceremony for the Big Event on April 4th. Over 8,000 students volunteered in the community to honor the school’s motto, Ut Prosim.


Volunteering in Floyd

Volunteering in Floyd

Volunteers from the Virginia Tech Women’s Center clean up the side of Parkway Lane in Floyd, VA. Over 40 volunteers helped clean and cook food through a food pantry during a Women’s Day of Service.


Chinese New Year


Students celebrated the Chinese New Year at a gala on Saturday, March 1 in the Graduate Life Center at Virginia Tech. Here, the Forever Young Dance Club performs.

Virginia Tech snow day through a fisheye lens

Lane Stadium in the snow
Lane Stadium in the snow following a record-setting snowstorm.

VT97867_201404281923Students sled down a hill at the Virginia Tech golf course after classes were cancelled. There were disappointingly few lunch trays being used as sleds.

Snowday Football

Students play football on Virginia Tech's drillfield after classes were cancelled on February 13 due to a record 19 inches of snow overnight.

Students play football on Virginia Tech’s drillfield after classes were cancelled on February 13 due to a record 19 inches of snow overnight.


Nam Ou River

Nam Ou River

I’ve spent the past two summers working in SE Asia. Working on editing through my photos now. This one is from Laos, near Nong Khiow, on the Nam Ou river.



Margie Lawrence is the Assistant Director for Housekeeping and Furnishing. She has been with the university for 33 years and manages 91 housekeepers who maintain the 47 residence halls on campus.



From a Virginia Tech football game earlier this semester. Students toss girls in the air after a touchdown, much to the chagrin of security.


College of Natural Resources and Environment II

College of Natural Resources and Environment II

Drew Ellis, Virginia Tech associate professor of geography, studying hydroclimatology, water resources and drought, at the Duck Pond on campus. ‘Twas a lovely crisp day.


University research professors for the College of Natural Resources and Environment

University research professors for the College of Natural Resources and Environment

Audrey Zink-Sharp, a professor in the College of Natural Resources and Environment studying wood composites.

Touchfest at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech hosted the 3rd annual Touchfest last week, where a variety of exotic animals from Animal Rentals, LLC out of Chicago, IL came down to visit. There was a monkey named Mindy, a porcupine, a Geoffrey’s Cat, a turtle, Scarlet Macaw, Chinchilla and a naked rat that no one wanted to play with, poor guy. Students could come and hang out with these animals and take a little break from the second half of the semester.





Petting the porcupine was definitely a first and came with some strict instructions about where to start and which direction to stoke. Rumor had it there was also a crocodile and snake, but the day was a little too cool for them.



This shoot from February is of a 5 foot robotic Jellyfish designed by VT College of Engineering grad students under Professor Shanshank Priya and may someday patrol the oceans. The story was released this past week and the photos got picked up by PopSci and Wired. 

Kentland Farms

So I’m interning with Virginia Tech now, in their Media Relations dept. Started last month, here at least until June. To be honest, I’ve barely used WordPress inquite a while, so the re-acquaintancing period should be interesting. Bear with me…


It Gets Better in Hutch


Kansas sky



Found a robot walking home from work on my way home for my dinner break on Halloween.

Quivira National Wildlife Refuge






Last weekend I went out to Quivira National Wildlife Refuge on Saturday for the paper. Quivira is normally home to two large salt marshes and a ton of migrating birds, however because of this year’s prolonged drought, it’s really dry out there and (though I haven’t seen it in other years) I’m fairly sure there are a lot less birds than usual. We did however still manage to run into a few members of the Boulder Audobon Club, who had taken a field trip down to the Refuge because it is a migration stop point for the very very endangered Whooping Crane. Sadly we didn’t see any Whooping Cranes but they did let us look through their scope to check out some Sandhill Cranes instead. Very cool.

The day started out as a bit of a feature hunt but instead the photos ended up running alongside a story on how the drought is effecting bird hunting season, as you can hunt some birds in certain areas of the refuge.

Getting Ready for Halloween


Celebrity Goat Milking

goatmilking copy

Rashell Lozada, a member of the KSCW-TV celebrity goat milking team, has some difficulties taking her turn milking during the Celebrity Goat Milking competition at the Kansas State Fair. (9/16/2011)