This past week

Bay Heritage Quilters Guild

Lorenzo Acosta, Bay City Central senior, track team member, 4×1, 4×2, 4×3

Toldo Masonry employees lay bricks at what will be the Army Reserve Training Center in Buena Vista Township.

So at the beginning of April I decided I needed an arbitrary challenge in my life and decided to wear a skirt or dress every day for the whole month.
On Thursday, I had to go shoot at a construction site, which normally would have been mostly fine to wear a dress to except that it was insanely windy that day and it was coming to the end of my assignment and I hadn’t yet gotten what I considered a good-enough photo. The supervisor showing me around and I go to find some masons doing work so that I can get some photos with people in them. The only problem is that these guys are 15 feet up on scaffolding laying bricks and the only way up is a pretty unstable ladder. This is where a dress becomes a bad idea. I manned up, got my photos and finished up but not before climbing a 15-foot ladder in a dress in gale-force winds and having some construction worker sing AC/DC’s ‘You shook me all night long’ to me. Lesson Learned.


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