Rainy Saturday

Guy Henika, 12, takes a shot on basket as Trenton Thomson moves in to block on Saturday, March 13. The boys and many others enjoyed the outdoors despite cold temperatures and rain.

Noah VanAllen, 10, struggles to break his line after his hook becomes stuck.
VanAllen was fishing for walleye with father Terry VanAllen.

James Johnson, Clare, left, and Brian Engel, fish for Walleye along the Saginaw River on Saturday despite cold temperatures and rainy conditions. ‘We’re not really fishing for walleye anymore, more like anything that bites,’ said Johnson.

Today was my last of four consecutive saturday shifts for a while and there wasn’t anything lined up and I had no deadline, so I just drove around for a while, looking for people out on a cold and rainy day. There were way more people out than I thought there would be (especially fishermen!), and it was nice to just shoot without any looming assignments for once.


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