Sculpture Garden in Reykjavik, apparently only tourists go here.

Icelandic delicacy! Fermented Shark aka Hakarl

Candy stand at the flea market. Icelanders love their candy. I’ve been in grocery stores small enough that they only have something like four racks of food, and never fail, one of those racks is always devoted to candy.

Mask stand, Flea Market, downtown Reykjavik

Aleece and I took our second day off of the trip and went down to Reykjavik just to wander around. We’ve been staying at a university outside of Borgarnes, called Bifrost, couchsurfing with a Korean exchange student here, Sol. She came down with us for the day and introduced us to some of her awesome Icelandic friends, one of whom, Finn, ended up showing us around for most of the day and night.

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