I’ve been in Iceland for three weeks now, and the time is going by so quickly. I’m here as a field assistant with Dr. Jeff Karson, the head of the Earth Sciences department at Syracuse University. For the past week or so, I’ve been with one of the grad students, Aleece, near Borgarnes, doing some field work on part of her Phd project. I’m working on a project mapping dikes for the next few weeks, but I’ve managed to find some time to shoot along the way.

We’re currently camping in a tent, sometimes at a campground, sometimes near a stream off the main road. It’s kind of like I’m getting paid to be a homeless vagabond. We spend from 8 to 10 hours a day at the field site, a stream cut outside of town. Currently we’re at Bifrost, a nearby university using their internet.

Iceland is really, really gorgeous. There is everything from glaciers to volcanoes to huge waterfalls, all on an island the size of Ohio. I’m posting a few photos from the trip so far, access to the internet and those crazy luxuries like electricity isn’t always easy to come by, so a lot of my photos aren’t edited yet.

a roadside stop where we got out to look at the rocks

guest houses in Vik, sometimes the clouds are ground level, it’s this really strange misty rain

basaltic black sand beaches

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